Our ascent to oneness is achieved unwillingly, through the pursuit of knowledge.

Welcome to my blog. I share & repost what I consider in this life as thought evoking, in the form of art, music, poetry and philosophy.

I started this blog after an experience I had on a full moon night. Long story short, I experienced a NDE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-death_experience

I came back inspired.

Together with this experience and my ongoing research, I have learnt of the meaning of life. I call it **the god flow** To sum it up, its perfect. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you directly what 'the god flow' is. Not because I do not want to tell you, but because the essence of 'the god flow' is about finding out for yourself.

"A philosopher is a caterpillar, a philanthropist a butterfly".


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I remember as I fought to hold on. I knew that I had to let go. This however this was an unthinkable notion as my physical makeup told me to keep fighting. There was a point though; A point when I was at the tipping point, where I let go and accepted my fate. I accepted death. This moment marked the time where I can consciously remember the acceptance of forgetting my identity, my ego, my everything. The irony is that within this moment of no control was the greatest taste of liberty that I have ever experienced. 

Posted on Saturday, April 5th 2014

To Mr R.B

Your consciousness vibrates faster than most, however you still cannot achieve inner contentment. I know this, as I was once just like you. The question however, is, Shouldn’t one that possesses the truth be more happy than the ignorant? Mr R.B, Email me, if you want the truth. This truth, will set you free. thegodflow@gmail.com

Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd 2014