Our ascent to oneness is achieved unwillingly, through the pursuit and attainment of knowledge.Welcome to my blog. I share & repost what I consider in this life as thought evoking, in the form of art, music, poetry and philosophy. I started this blog after an experience I had on a full moon night where I experienced a NDE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-death_experience . I came back inspired. Together with this experience and my ongoing research, I have learnt of the meaning of life. I call it **the god flow** To sum it up, its perfect. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you directly what 'the god flow' is. Not because I do not want to tell you, but because the essence of 'the god flow' is about finding out for yourself. "A philosopher is a caterpillar, a philanthropist a butterfly". phi·los·o·pher

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